Welcome to Turnings by Paul Maulucci. Discover beautiful, one of a kind pieces of art that are both a pleasure to display and functional for the consumer. Paul prides himself on creating unique pieces that extenuate the natural beauty of the bowls he carefully crafts. He allows the natural wood grains and subtle features that mother nature bestows to shine through, painstakingly working to utilize what nature provides, bringing out the unique colors and patterns that are found naturally in the wood. Here you can learn more about these wonderful pieces, about Paul as a creator and about woodturning as an art. Shop Paul’s store or already designed and completed bowls and art, or submit a request to consult on a custom piece.

Paul’s bowls make wonderful gifts for all kinds of occasions. You will NEVER find another exactly like what you purchase. The best part? You can use these gorgeous pieces everyday. They require basic care, hand washing with a mild soap, but are completely functional for serving your own culinary creations. Enhance your table with a piece of art!

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