Paul is a  self employed carpenter and has been an avid woodturner for more than thirty years.  He was introduced to woodturning in high school and quickly found the ability to produce beautiful and usable products a gratifying  endeavor as an artist. Immediately, Paul noticed that the work he could produce would be equally  meaningful and enjoyable for its recipients.  Paul finds inspiration at museums and galleries; viewing creative pieces both new and old. He also enjoys participating in seminars, learning new techniques used other woodturning artists He finds each endeavor and experience leaves him inspired, invigorated, and eager to implement the knowledge and ideas  he has come away with. One of Paul’s greatest joys is finding unique grain patterns in wood, whether it comes is the form of an exotic piece from a wood merchant or it’s a simply overlooked piece in the woodpile that was deemed too tough to split and cast aside, left to decay. The ability  to rescue a piece and find within it, its hidden grain is a challenge. Determining how best to display it and create it into a functional work of art. Paul prefers using a clear finish to preserve and show the grain patterns and details found within the natural wood. In a world evermore becoming eco-friendly minded, most wood finishes available today are food safe after their manufacturer’s recommended drying period.

Paul is a member of  the Central Connecticut Woodturners Association, and the American Association of Woodturners.